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Taking Yoga to the Next Level

FlyHigh Yoga by Christchurch Yoga is New Zealand's only official practitioner of this new, more supportive style of aerial yoga. Classes take place every Monday & Wednesday in the stunning Mt Pleasant Community Centre.

FlyHigh Yoga by Christchurch Yoga is lead by Rebecca Boot. Rebecca is the owner of Christchurch Yoga and is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with over 25 years yoga teaching experience. Rebecca is a qualified FlyHigh Yoga practitioner.

FlyHigh Yoga is a popular and new style of aerial yoga. It started in 2012 in Ubud, Bali with the development of the FlyHigh Yoga Belt. This belt is a simple and unique tool for a gravity-defying, creative, fun, precise and alignment-based style of yoga.


With the FlyHigh Yoga belt, you are able to do regular yoga poses (and other gravity-defying moves) in a supported way. This makes the progression of your practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun!


FlyHighYoga is a bridge to good physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing for all yoga practitioners.


  • Decompress the spine​

  • Strengthen core & body​

  • Increase range of motion​

  • Deepen stretches & twists​

  • Supporting & deepening backbends

  • Supported & safe inversions

  • Increased body awareness & control

  • Be in the “Now”

FlyHighYoga "Hanging Belt"

The belt is versatile, simple and designed to hold over 200kg of movement and weight. It is a practice that complements any existing yoga or sporting activity. It has been designed for all ages and fitness levels, you are never more than a couple of feet off the ground at any time.

FlyHigh Yoga can be practiced in a strong and dynamic way or in a way that is more supported and restorative.

Overcoming fear and finding peace is all part of the practice, as you learn to hang upside down it will make you calmer, more relaxed and assist you in finding stability in all aspects of your life. You will find a new way to meditate and perceive the world around you.


Fly HighYoga can be beneficial for people with disabilities however to attend general classes it is necessary to be in general good health. If you have any doubts or concerns please seek medical advice first. One-on-One classes also available.


Wear comfortable clothing that will allow full movement, avoid loose clothes and any jewellery. is an international registered brand 

Rebecca has completed this specifically designed training and is qualified to teach FlyHigh Yoga in New Zealand

She is excited to share the knowledge of this attractive, effective and uplifting yoga practice.

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